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Secure Boat Registration Renewal Payment Form

This secure order form is for on-line boat registration renewal. Payments for services other than or in addition to an boat registration fee should be made on our Secure On-line General Order form.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

STEP 1: Download the State of Delaware boat registration application (PDF file format).

As part of the renewal process you are required by the State of Delaware to attach a boat registration application (PDF file) AND a copy of your Passport/Driver's License with your payment. Please download the application and save an electronic copy of the completed form so that it can be attached (along with a copy of your Passport/Driver's License) with your payment (on the next page).

STEP 2: Complete the boat registration renewal payment form.

To start, enter the registration number (DL Number) of the vessel you wish to renew.

*DL Number:
To ensure we locate the correct boat information please enter your DL number exactly as it was printed on your registration documentation, including the spaces.
For example, "DL 1234 AB" or "DL 9876 ABC".