IMPORTANT NOTICE to our LLC clients - Annual Delaware LLC Tax is due to the State of Delaware no later than June 1, 2017 to avoid penalties/interest.


The following items will be repackaged, restamped, and forwarded on to you at no expense as part of your corporate set up:

  1. All first class government mail, including boat and aircraft registrations and renewal notices.
  2. Correspondence from the Delaware Secretary of State.
  3. Notices from the Delaware Department of Revenue
  4. Notices from the IRS.
  5. Legal Service of Process

For most of our clients, the above will be sufficient. To those who wish to utilize our company as a mail forwarding service more extensively than the free service described in the preceding paragraphs, subscription to our mail forwarding service and payment of a mail forwarding fee will be required.


  1. Up to 60 pieces of mail per year: Domestic - $180.00 per year. (Outside the USA - $225.00 per year)
  2. Up to 120 pieces of mail per year: Domestic - $325.00 per year. (Outside the USA - $400.00 per year)
  • We will forward only First Class U.S. Mail (No packages, boxes, bulk mail, magazines, or UPS items)
  • In most cases, all mail will be repackaged and forwarded on a daily basis.

All mail to be forwarded for your corporation must use your company name and our street address as the corporate address - 3511 Silverside Road, Suite 105, Wilmington, Delaware, USA 19810.

Terms: Payment for one year's service in advance.